Hi there, I'm Tina!
About Tina from Bloome Colour Consultancy

"My mission is for every woman to feel amazing no matter what age, shape or size they are."

Understanding what Tina from Bloome Colour Consultancy is about, is really important to her. This is what drives her to help as many women as possible.

“It makes me really sad when my clients tell me about their body confidence issues. They are too fat, too thin, too old, they’ve gone grey, big tummy, no bottom, always look tired – the list is never ending and absolutely everyone has a concern despite what you may think. Constant exposure to idealised media images of computer generated, flawless human perfection can send the most confident woman into the depths of self-doubt and depression. The frustration of not liking what you see in the mirror every day can be extremely damaging to your mental health”

My passion is to teach as many women as possible how to identify their very best colours.

I felt totally empowered, when for my 40th Birthday, I visited a Colour Consultant who inspired me into a world of colour and gave me the tools and knowledge to identify the colours that made me glow and, as importantly, demonstrated to me the colours that I should avoid, those that made me look tired, drained and washed out. At the time, I was working in a busy Marketing Department and had just had two babies in two years and had put on weight. Since University I had struggled with my weight, yo-yo dieting and never feeling happy in my own skin. The impact of having my colours analysed had on my self-belief and confidence, 100% changed my life. Soon after I left my corporate job and retrained as a Professional Colour Consultant and Bloome Colour Consultancy was established. 

Since then...
Ten years later – I have helped hundreds of women to grow in confidence. Like most women, I may never have the ‘perfect’ body but I do know which colours will make me look fabulous!! I am not a super stylish, celebrity stylist to the stars, all glitz and glamour but I am an every day mum of 2 young daughters, step mum to 4 beautiful girls and a granny to 4 wonderful grandchildren! My aim is to help women just like me who have lost their confidence (or never had it) in what to wear and what looks great on them. Much of the feedback I get from clients is that I am very easy to talk to, very down to earth, honest and they get fantastic results!

Today I work from my ‘Bloome Room’ at home in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. I have clients visit me there or I carry out consultations in the UK and overseas via zoom. I offer a free 15 minute chat, either by phone or zoom, so you can meet me before booking an appointment.

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What happens during an In-Person colour consultation?

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4. Look at how your colours work together
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